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Criminal Litigation

JWM LAW LLP also handles criminal defence litigation where we effectively represent the interest of our clients through the available legal mechanisms. Jacqueline Waihenya is a graduate of the Trial Advocacy Training organized by the Mombasa Law Society in August 2013 and on 13th February 2014 completed the Training for Trainers course undertaken by the Justice Advocacy Africa (JAA) and National Institute of Trial Advocates (NITA) in partnership with the Mombasa Law Society....

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Civil Litigation

Sometimes it is not possible to avoid a dispute in a business relationship. When a dispute does arise we strive to help our Clients resolve the dispute before they incur the significant time and expense of litigating a case. But that is not possible in every case/situation. In such an in-stance we vigorously pursue all legal avenues through court to seek to the fullest extent of the law, the damages and/or other remedies to which our clients are entitled. Whether your dispute involves another business, your current or former business partners or a governmental entity that has improperly violated your rights. JWM LAW LLP is an effective advocate for your particular grievance....

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